The Professional Hypnotist Swipe File

Copy & Paste These 14 Secrets to 
Help Your Clients Produce RAPID Change, Attract the RIGHT Clients, and 
Grow Your Hypnosis BUSINESS.

Copy & Paste These 14 Secrets to
Help Your Clients Produce RAPID Change,
Attract the RIGHT Clients, and Grow Your Hypnosis BUSINESS.


Want to Know the Exact Hypnotic Language Hacks™ That I've Proven to Work to Create Successful Sessions, Clear Objections, Sell High-Value Programs?

The Professional Hypnotist Swipe File

Inside Of This Free Book You'll Discover...

From the Desk of Jason Linett
Orlando, Florida

Dear Hypnotist,

For more than a dozen years, I've made my only income professionally working as a hypnotherapist and teaching hypnosis around the world.

On my top-rated Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast, I've shared exactly what's working right now to thrive in your hypnosis business and consistently get great results with your clients.

Every day that people go WITHOUT making use of our services isn't just money left on the table, it's lives that are not yet being impacted. 
And that's why...

It's my personal mission to help even more hypnotists activate consistent success in their hypnosis practices and hypnosis businesses. 

And that means your time is valuable.

The sooner you're helping more clients, the sooner our profession will grow.

The more we're all successful, the more we're all successful.

So I wrote a new book, and rather than having a lot of "filler" content...

I put my 14 most impactful secrets to help your clients and grow your business in a quick-read Book so that you can implement strategies ASAP.

And so...

You in?

I thought so. 😉

That’s why I put together this The Professional Hypnotist Swipe File. 

Get The Results You’re Looking For

This on-demand, no-nonsense,  get-right-to-the-point book is a compilation of my best Professional Hypnosis Secrets.

It's not just the methods to get more clients. It's also the strategies to make your sessions even more effective. 

These are the methods I've tested and proven seeing thousands of clients, getting rave reviews, and growing a multiple seven-figure brand.

It's short.

It's sweet.

And it's designed to solve the problems of the modern hypnotist.

These strategies can be applied to:
  • Online Sessions
  • ​In-Person Sessions
  • ​Hypnotic Phenomenon
  • High-Value Programs
  • ​Helping Stuck Clients
  • Avoiding Problem Clients
  • ​Safety as a Professional
  • ​Creating Client Desire
  • Advanced Methods Made Easy
  • ​Consistent Client Success
I've done the work for you.

I did the decades of testing.

I've eliminate the stuff that didn't work.

You could be more appropriate and say that I'm inviting you to "model excellence..."

Though really...

I'm inviting you to swipe my exact Hypnotic Language Hacks™ and start using these tips, tricks, secrets, and time-tested strategies as early as TODAY.

Inside Your FREE Copy Of:

"The Professional Hypnotist Swipe File"

Professional Hypnotist
I know you're going to love this. 

I know you're going to use these secrets.

Don't be fooled by how quick it'll be to read it, and how simple some of the secrets may seem to be...

You and I both know that it's small hinges that swing big doors when it comes to helping your clients produce change.

Here's a preview of what you're going to learn...


The 1-2-3 method to make online hypnosis sessions just as effective as in-person... and perhaps even more effective!


The method that became an international phenomenon and CONSISTENTLY conditions your client for a successful experience.


A modern spin on a hypnotic classic to CONFIDENTLY demonstrate the proof of exactly HOW and WHY hypnosis will work for your client.


The exact 4-sentence method that has personally sold several millions of dollars of private client sessions... and continues to work TODAY.


The exact words I say to my paying clients to create an absolute feeling of trust and safety in my sessions.


The RIGHT way to extend your services to a client who might need more support... ethically and effectively!


Other instructors tell you to wait until your client is at "threshold." I'm going to give you the exact words to say to BRING THEM THERE.

WAIT! We’re Not Done!

Take a look...


After years of testing, I'm going to reveal to you the Hypnotic Language Hacks™ to ethically upgrade people into premium services.


Swipe my exact words to break your client free of their problem and their old story to step into greatness.


Copy and paste these words into your sessions and into your business to ethically create new belief systems with your clients.


The Hypnotic Pretalk method (that isn't a Pretalk!) that shifts the beliefs of your clients toward powerful transformations - even BEFORE the session begins!


The three magic sentences to activate passive clients into actively engaged clients who are ready to book with you.


The covert question you can ask that will reveal exactly how ready the client is to change as well as their willingness to invest in your services.


Exactly when and where to use a forbidden 3-letter word to bring your client's desired change into a state of immediacy... NOW!


Each of these 14 Secrets were hand-picked for you!

You’re getting...absolutely FREE...the ‘best of the best’ strategies that are ready to plug into your hypnosis business and your hypnotherapy sessions - TODAY.

My entire goal is to help you get out of your own way, ignite your hypnosis business, and get you out there helping more people.

Rather than having to guess and put in all the years of effort I did, I'm inviting you to swipe my exact words and start using them immediately.

It's a quick read, and even if just one of the methods helps you attract your dream clients or create profound change - it's going to be time well spent!

Here's how it's going to help...
  • Amplifying Client Readiness
  • Ensure Quality Experiences
  • ​Get More of the RIGHT Clients
  • Simplify Emotional Release
  • ​Creating RELIABLE Change
  • Activate Hypnotic Experiences
  • ​Get Clients to Your Office
  • ​Zoom Session Safety
  • Earn MORE Per Client
  • ​The Secrets to Get "Un-Stuck"
Who else is ready to confidently get great results with their clients?

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